Hello and welcome to my website

Nathalie Jabbar LCPH MARH

I am a qualified and registered Homeopath & Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and offer appointments in London.

I have a huge passion and commitment for health and well-being and believe that healing comes from within. My particular interest is in the treatment of emotional issues for women including stress, depression, grief, and anxiety related conditions.

I have an integrated approach tailoring to the client’s need by prescribing flower essences which provide a gentle way to address a range of emotional states and work beautifully alongside homeopathic remedies together with dietary and lifestyle advice to help you on your path to better health.

Homeopathy and flower essences are kindred preparations, homeopathy treats the whole person and works very precisely with specific pathological symptoms, matching the symptoms picture of the patient. Flower essences work with archetypal themes of soul development, which are embodied in the subtle qualities of the plant. They both have a potential to be a catalyst for restoring balance within by awakening and stimulating the body’s curative powers.