My Personal Experience

As a long-term sufferer from Asthma, Eczema and allergies for which I was prescribed conventional medical treatment that included various steroidal creams inhalers and pills. One day I decided to try an alternative approach with a professional homeopath. The results were excellent, I continued with my treatment without having any side effects. I noticed my symptoms receded and my immune responses became stronger and felt less susceptible to ill health. This applied to my physical symptoms as well as my mental and emotional ones and I am now free from all of the previous medication. This first-hand experience convinced me that for some people there are non-medical options and inspired me to train at The College of Practical Homeopathy in London.

As a mother I know the importance of keeping my family healthy and well. Being sensitive and empathetic and understanding is an art and I am here today to help people access their own well being, through overcoming personal health difficulties and limitations so they can live and experience the best of themselves and lead full lives.

About Nathalie

I became passionate about health and well-being, when as a baby as I suffered with Asthma and Eczema. My parents took the common route of sending me to doctors and specialists that meant taking prescription medication for many years. In adulthood I looked at the options to conquer these painful health challenges without the need for disruptive medications and began looking at natural solutions including homeopathy, diet and lifestyle changes. My personal experience became my inspiration for becoming a chef, nutritionist, homeopath and flower essence practitioner to gain more knowledge to help people empower themselves, bring them back into balance and make them feel great.

As a young person unlike many of my school friends I was interested in healthy eating and how it made me feel good! So after my first career in the fashion industry I returned to my first love and studied nutrition, macrobiotics and became a chef. I ran my own cookery school specializing in plant-based cuisine with wheat free, sugar free, dairy free and raw food as my specialty. I gained valuable experience working in a number of natural health retreats and yoga centers where I learned to prepared tasty tonic foods, soups and juices for the students and the power of cleansing the body properly and experiencing the benefits of eating locally sourced foods. The natural progression was to increase my knowledge on a deeper cellular level, so I began to study homeopathy, which provided a very comprehensive naturopathic approach to aiming at achieving healing, wholeness and harmony from the root.

My training included physiology, pathology, nutrition, flower essences and herbal tinctures and have obtained the following qualifications;
Licentiate in Homeopathy (LCPH)
Australian Bush Flower Essences Advanced Practitioners Certificate (Distinction)

I am a fully insured member of the Alliance of Registered homeopaths (www.a-r-h-org) and abide by their professional code of conduct.